Regional Winner, National Countryside Photo Award

Jurgen meets HRH Prince Charles

Blue Shift Gallery photographer, Jurgen Dabeedin



There's Science Behind Great Art!

Award winning photographer, Jurgen Dabeedin, studied Scientific and Industrial photography at Harrow College from 1979 to 1982, leaving with a 1st Degree with Honours. He then spent almost 20 years as a forensic photographer before leaving to pursue a new career as an artist. Jurgen is an Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society.

Making a Difference

'To me, photography means challenging the safe, mass produced art swamping the high street and steering clear of computer generated images.
After all, real life is far more surprising than fiction! My aim is to visualise the 'invisible'. The wonderful result of this approach is a guarantee that every image is truly unique. I try to create images that inspire and engage the collector and to enhance spaces instead of simply 'filling' them'.

Attention to Detail

'I create art for homes and businesses. That's half the story. In a world full of art websites, what sets the Blue Shift Gallery apart? To me, attention to detail, excellent service, a personal approach, the highest quality materials and affordability are my aims.

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