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Talk to Us!

We always prefer to discuss your artwork with you first, so please use the contact form or e-mail us with your enquiry to get a price for your artwork.

Our priority is making sure your picture and frame are exactly right. After all, it will have a big impact once it's hanging on your wall.

You may be looking for art to replace existing work or perhaps have a fresh space that needs a finishing touch, so here's some advice to help ensure the piece(s) you choose compliment your home beautifully...

Picture Subject

Here's some ideas. Try:

Soothing landscapes and panoramics for bedrooms...

The Fleeting Glimpse collection for kitchens and bathrooms...

Square framed images of flowers for living rooms...

Tall thin pictures for hallways...

Groups of two or three smaller pictures for stairways...

Abstract art often works wonderfully well in traditional settings, so don't be afraid to mix things up a little!


White walls give you the widest choice for art and frames, but if you have deep coloured walls, consider frameless art (eg on acrylic). Choose a picture colour that matches a spot colour in your room, for example, cushions or a piece of furniture.

Remember, we also specialise in creating unique artworks in addition to the pictures you see on this website, so we can always match colours to your exact specification!

Frame Style

Frames play an integral part of the finished work. If you have a reasonable amount of wall space, consider wider frames for more impact. If space is at a premium, consider thinner frames or acrylic art.

Black frames really enhance strong colours, whereas light frames may work well with patterned wallpapers.


Think about the size of the finished work (including frame) and the viewing distance. A large frame in a corridor could be overpowering as well as hard to admire!

Try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, but otherwise all our pictures are produced to archival standards and will not be noticeably affected by light over time.


Often overlooked, lighting plays a key role in bringing your pictures to life! The colours will come alive if illuminated by a spotlight. If possible, always consider fitting lighting to enhance your artwork.

We're happy to give you free tips and advice on this subject tailored to your situation.

And Finally - Enjoy it!

At the end of the day, art isn't just a 'filler' for your walls. It's there to be enjoyed!

Any other Questions?

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