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About the Dreamscape Images

This collection of images uses polarised light, macro imaging and specialised light sources to reveal details all too easily missed. Most of the surfaces here are either glass or plastics, which in normal conditions are totally transparent. The colours you see are all real and not created using effects.

About the Grand Designs Images

The vibrant colours in this collection are predominantly created using polarised light. This technique reveals stresses within normally clear materials. The bright colours, like contour lines, show areas of force within the materials. Some of the images however, show the natural vibrancy in everyday objects, such as marbles, resulting in a collection of striking form and outstanding colour.

About the Fleeting Glimpse Images

These amazing images were created using short duration flash exposures connected to a specially designed trigger unit. Optical triggers were used to fire the flashguns. An open shutter technique is used, so the events are captured in near totally dark conditions. Apart from that, all that is required is endless patience... These images are real and not created in a computer!

About the Light Sculpture Images

This collection of images explores light itself. By recording lights in motion or by projecting filtered light sources through familiar everyday glass and plastic objects, vibrant patterns can be produced. When several colours are projected, reflected or refracted simultaneously through various items, new colours often appear.

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